20120611 Novgorod to St Petersburg

We started the day at around 9 am, and the drive to St Petersburg was a smooth one. The only disappointment was we were unable to go for the optional tour to Catherine's Palace, the summer palace of Catherine the Great. It's more lavish, I believe.

We were greeted by cathedrals when drove into the city. The roads were wide and the first impression was, St Petersburg resembled how an Europe City looks like - there was striking similarity and familiarity with Paris! Based on the history described by the guide (Irene), this could probably due to the fact that Peter the Great was educated in Europe and hence the building and development of St Petersburg were greatly influenced by that of Europe.

St Petersburg was also known as the Venice in the north. We went for the River Cruise that sent us through the canals. We were blessed with good weather that afternoon :) Though I had been on several river cruise (in the previous trips), this one was unique as the boat cruised through from one canal to another, and passing through low bridges that we were warned several times to be seated else would risk being beheaded!

The bus had been circling around St Issac Cathedral several times, but it was a pity that we did not get the chance to enter the cathedral to see what's inside. From the book, we knew that we had missed seeing some beautiful art pieces inside. On the other hand, we spent quite a fair bit of time around the Bronze Horseman, which was Peter the Great that sat on the mighty horse which symbolised victory while the horse stepped on the snake, which symbolised evil.

Oh yes, it's the first evening that we had Chinese dinner, which it was once again confirmed (similarly, for the two other evenings) that Chinese food was never interesting or delicious in trips to the non-oriental countries. Of course, it's also one of the more economical meals.

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