20120612 St Petersburg

The highlight of the day is Peterhof (Peter's Court), which was pretty impressive, with so many things coated in gold! Especially the statues! Wow! The Russian leaders definitely knew how to show off their wealth! On top of that, something unique about Peterhof was the different kinds of water fountains! Fountains were ordered to be built without pumps, using principles of Science to pump water up.

Though it rained in the morning, the weather had been kind to us. It rained while we were indoor and it stopped when we were supposed to be outdoor. On the other hand, I was received multiple 'kisses' from the mosquitoes, especially those in the garden area. Haiz...

Oh yes, it's here that I bought the "Russian kachang puteh" - Roasted almond and nuts. By the way, I've not bought a single cone of ice cream in this entire trip (except the one scoop that came with the lunch).

In the same afternoon, we visited the stately Hermitage, which is comparable to Lourve. While we did not see how lavish it was decorated in the Catherine Palace, the winter palace already tells a lot.

We had about 15 minutes of photo stop at the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. Its structure and colour were elaborate. The structure was beautiful and some of us mistook that to be the St Basil's in Moscow. I would love to have the opportunity to see the interior, which was known for its mosaic 'paintings'!

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