20120610 Tver to Novgorod

The day started early. However, our luck did not quite improve as we were moving along the expressway that was filled with heavy trucks! That reminded me of Bhutan, that the scary monster ran on the road like bullies, sending dust to the pedestrians' faces! Well, this was the one and only one road to Novgorod, we had no choice, but to accept whatever circumstances that arose. Because of several vehicle breakdown and accidents along the road, our journey (hence, the schedule) to the day's destination, Novgorod was badly affected, that we had to miss our lunch! We ended up at the road side eatery buying some snacks! and some people in the tour group even went without lunch. While we can't anticipate the jam, the situation could be better managed.

Here's something I bought at the road side eatery... tried half of every item.

Novgorod is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. However, the walking around the Kremlin and visiting St Sophia somehow had not bring out its importance or impressed upon us why it was rated as one of the noteworthy sites in the world. I think, the guide could have done more to get us to appreciate the place.

The bridge that spanned across the island (Kremlin) and the other side of the Novgorod was busy. Nevertheless, it's nowhere (in terms of 'life' and 'busyness') near what we experienced at Charles' Bridge in Prague.

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