20120609 Moscow to Tver

This was the day that we experienced the worst traffic jam of the entire trip (for this case, it ranked at the top of the list amongst all my trips). We headed Tver via a 'single' highway.

It was a long long drive that we covered only 1/3 of the distance to St Petersburg, which was only about 100 km. Can you imagine, taking about 8 hours to travel 100 km. The average speed was approximately 12.5 km/h! So, the bus crawled because of the heavy traffic jam between Moscow and Tver.

We made a stop at the farm where we saw some cows and sheep, and a couple of horses. Then we had lunch. Actually, it's a can-do-without item in the itinerary.

In fact, we drove pass Klin. Nevertheless, none of us know where it was because the guide did not sound us out on this. Well, well, if there's no intent to, then it's not wise to include in the itinerary that made it looked so comprehensive!

Tver was one of the key capitals in old times of Russia. However, this was again not highlighted to us to look out for anything that's representative or significant in this place as the coach drove through the streets or roads. By making it town as just a stopover, the guide as not done justice to the town.

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