20120608 Moscow

Today, we had a quick glimpse of the city...

In brief, a few words to describe the first impression are: (in)efficiency, laid back, cold, congestion, vast.

It began from the immigration checkpoint - where the immigration card was printed by the officer at the booth (Something that's new! Have not seen this in other cities visited so far). There were also some inconsistency in the processing - some needed to sign on the form, some do not. I guess they also took the opportunity to check on the recently visited cities? Hm... Of course, it also took ages for some counters to have documents to be processed. It's quite trying for those who are tired and impatient indeed. Am glad that mine went on pretty smoothly in less than 3 minutes. Oh yah, a couple of the members of the group was stuck there there for more than 10 minutes. There's stressful if I'm in their shoes. Oh yes, especially all these officers faces were expressionless. Hm... Is that how it defines seriousness and er... "cool". Hm...

Something that we were not forewarned prior to the trip - the traffic condition as the coach entered the 'ring'. It seemed like... the locals spend at least 50% of the time on the road (trapped in traffic jams).
Look at the way they drive, and park their vehicles! It's not easy to figure out the 'order' in 'chaos' too!

In this day, we visited the Moscow Kremlin. The visit to the Red Square has to be rescheduled as it has been cordoned off for a major celebration the next day (Independent Day).

On the other hand, we visited the 'famous' gallery-like Metro stations in Moscow. They are beautiful and elaborate... and of course, the size... which none of ours is near it!

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