20120608 Departing Singapore, Heading Moscow

The flight only takes off at 2.30 am. Well, we checked in at around 11.30 pm. First time that the tour package comes with the use of the lounge facilities. Pretty good... quietness, food,... and more importantly, work stations that I could sit down comfortably to continue with what was unfinished before leaving at 10.45 pm! Settled with several emails that asking colleagues to help to follow-up on the various stuff (though largely related to the FS@SG prog).

One pleasant surprise was, unknown to me, it's the first time packed such a light luggage, that weighed no more than 12 kg. Haha... something that I thought I could only dream of! Jokingly, I always tell friends that 'clothes' take up most of the space and weight in my luggage. I guess, this time, I packed less, and might be 'under prepared'. Hm... No huge jackets to go into my luggage. Lesser thicker clothes. No extras... Maybe because I'm prepared to buy and use on the spot? Oh yes, bringing an iPad with lots of reading downloaded helps, too!

Not pinning high hopes with the hotel about accessibility to wifi or the internet. Hm... Let's see how it goes... it could probably mean that I might have to go 'cold turkey' in the next 1.5 weeks? Hm...

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