20120614 Moscow to Suzdal

We started the day very early, at around 7.30 am. Reason being we had to set aside time for the peak hour traffic. This time, we did not notice much heavy truck heading towards the same direction. Another observation was, mountains were scarce here! Green plains of land, occasionally, there were forests.

The drive was considered pretty smooth. Probably because we had already lowered our expectation. We drove passed several towns (or cities) - while the guide attempted to inform us the name of the town, unfortunately, she did not help us to make connections of the history to these towns, etc. It was a real pity!

In fact, the visit to the Matryoshka Doll Factory was moved up to this day. We saw how the craftman used the machine to 'cut' the doll out. While they use a machine cutter, the work was impossible without the fluency craftmanship. This was followed by a hands-on session where all of us were given a doll to paint. Haha... Art lesson for all. Learnt that some people were really creative in the way they designed their doll.

Make a guess, which was my masterpiece?

We arrived at Sergiev Posad to visit the Trinity St Sergius Lavra, which is the centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. In fact, it's also a monastery. It was made up by several old churches enclosed by a high wall. Photo taking was not allowed unless we pay for a ticket (haha... I just wonder how would they monitor? or it's really based on trust?

The rest of the afternoon was to make our way to another UNESCO World Heritage site, Suzdal, which was known for its wooden and stone architecture. While on our way, we passed by several old towns that made up the Golden Ring. Unfortunately, there was no mention about "Golden Ring" to us at all.

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